We provide
Technical services,
Engineering design and
Project management
for customers in the fields of
industrial, digital solutions, process industries and sustainability.


Engineering design wit 3D-CAD (Solidworks, Inventor, Creo). We only use the latest versions with legal licenses.


We support you with technical advice. Fields of industrial, digital solutions, process industries and sustainability.


We do the project management for our customers on site in China. We have our own online platform for this. With this you are always up to date.


We have specialized in this area of sustainability and offer many advantages for the customer. Environmental protection will be the future and we are there right from the start.


We move with the times. In Shenzhen, the progress is fast. We have our own project management system for our customers and develop our own software.


We are in China, on site in Shenzhen. We help quickly and directly and also have a large network of suppliers and freelancers.

18Regular customers
19Development projects
29Engineering design projects
85Freelancer in our database

We provide open, strong and honest service.
There are no gimmicks.

  • We are always open, honest and transparent with our clients and talk truth to power but are careful to deliver advice with humility and empathy.
  • We provide services from outside the bubble. Our benefit is because we are happy to be outsiders!
  • We need to provide objective, rational, logical advice at times when our clients are dealing with highly emotional situations.
  • We get paid to be unafraid to lose our jobs for the advice we give.
  • We believe in building capability in the organisation, even if it means they don’t need us.
  • We want people we help to not only understand what we do but how we do it and why we do it.
  • We want our clients to win. But we understand that to win in the long-term sometimes they have to suffer pain in the short-term.
  • We care about our clients. We are on their side and have understanding and empathy that the internal situation is often harder than it looks from the outside.
  • We don’t take credit. We build credit. We believe that when we hand over our thinking and our work it becomes our clients’ thinking and their work.
  • We train our clients to communicate and not just to “do” media.
  • We collaborate with our clients, other agencies, the Collective and our partners to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
  • We take a positive, interested view of the world and avoid the cynicism and world-weariness that drives much of the industry.
  • We work hard to deliver the best quality work for our clients. Every time!

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